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Paint Your Home To Sell

Paint Your Home To Sell

Not everyone is looking to hire a professional painter to come in and paint their home of place of business for themselves and are in fact, looking for a fresh paint job so that they can open their home up to potential buyers. To many, it may sound crazy to spend money on your home if you are aiming to sell it, but it can significantly increase the sale value of your home if everything has been freshly painted. Here are a few things that you should take into consideration prior to placing your home on the market:

  • Go Neutral – Neutral colors will complement virtually any type of décor making them the perfect choice for interior painting. Neutral colors are simple and hassle free. The same goes for the exterior of the home as well – neutral or white would be the best choices of colors. 
  • Prepare the Painting Surface – It is always recommended to prepare the surface for painting by sanding it down to a smooth surface and cleaning it to get rid of all dust or grime that has settled. You should also fill in all nail holes with caulking or spackle. This stage would also include Kilz on the walls to cover any stains, crayola marks, etc. that standard paint will have difficulty covering.
  • Choose the Appropriate Type of Paint – Believe it or not, there’s more than one type of paint. For one, there is a difference between interior and exterior paint and neither should be used outside of their original realms. In addition, there are paints that are ideal for certain types of finishings, high-traffic areas, etc. Keep in mind that if you want to use a less expensive type of paint that it may require more coats to cover well increasing your labor costs possibly resulting in no money saved or more money spent.
  • Finish Painting – Don’t leave any wall unpainted or unfinished. When your home goes on the market, it should be completely finished and ready to sell with no painting fixes needed and no unfinished business. 

There is nothing wrong with you taking on a DIY painting project at home; however, you should consider all the facts. Painting your home will take up a considerable amount of your free time. The thing with professionals is they are trained to do their job quickly and efficiently. Get several quotes from several different companies that provide painting services and don’t ever go with the lowest bid simply because it is the lowest. Make certain that you are getting the best quality for the price that you are paying. The cheapest isn’t always the best and you may come out in the end with more problems than you started with.


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