Create Magnificent Effects by Mixing and Matching Floor Tile

Create Magnificent Effects by Mixing and Matching Floor Tile

Some homeowners choose not to use tile in their home because they feel it will provide a dull ambiance; however, the fact of the matter is that tile has numerous benefits including but not limited to easy to clean and maintain, versatile and easy to clean up spills when compared to carpet. If you are worried about the room becoming dull by incorporating tile as your new flooring then here are a few ways that will help you spice up your tile flooring regardless of where you are installing it: bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Use Different Size Tiles to Create Unique Patterns

A common technique that homeowners and designers use when placing tile in the bathroom or kitchen is to create a unique pattern by using different size tiles. Depending on the pattern you would like to create, you may only need two or three tiles for a simple pattern or if you are creating a much more complex pattern, you may need six, seven or maybe even more tile pieces. Different size tiles can create a unique, interesting look when used together.

Mix and Match Colors                

For a very unique and interesting room, you can use different color tiles. You can take the color scheme that is already in the room and implement it in the floor tile. If your room is a light blue color, you can implement a light blue tile in a simple design on the floor. You can also add a border alongside the wall that is of a different color than the rest of the floor tile if it is a solid color. You could also create a border of two different colored tiles by alternating colors. The different colors will allow the room to have more depth and definitely be found intriguing by anyone that visits.

Create Visual Effects

If you are tiling the entire room such as the walls and the floor, then you might want to create a visual effect by either using different size tiles on the walls than you did on the floor or place the tiles on the floor/wall diagonally while leaving the other in a standard layout.

Use Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile is often the type of tile that you see as a backsplash in the kitchen; however, the kitchen isn’t the only room in which you can use mosaic tile as it provides just as much use in the bathroom. The great thing about mosaic tile is that as a general rule, you won’t find mosaic tile in a solid color and instead, the mosaic tile comes in a theme or variety of color schemes. This makes mosaic tile a perfect choice if you want an easy installation and a beautifully elaborate design.