3 Tips to Prevent Issues with Your Home's Foundation

3 Tips to Prevent Issues with Your Home's Foundation

There are a number of factors that can cause problems with your foundation, including plumbing leaks, drainage issues, tree roots vying for water in the soil, and soil preparation from preconstruction. To help keep from having foundation issues, here are three tips that will help prevent some of them:

Make Certain That There Is Adequate Grading.

One of your foundation’s biggest threats is pooling water. To see if this is a problem on your property and to your foundation, you need to wait for the next good storm to come through. After the storm, head outside and visually inspect around the foundation. Look for any signs of water puddles – even small ones, as these can cause serious trouble for you down the road. You need a minimum 3% slope for water to properly drain away from the home. If this isn’t possible, you may need to have a French drain installed.

Keep Your Soil Moist.

You may not realize it, but dry soil causes stress on your home’s foundation. Dry soil shrinks, and, when it does, it will pull away from the home. Then, once a good rain comes through, the soil expands at a rapid pace, which causes unnecessary stress on the foundation. So, to keep this from happening, you need to either use a soaker hose that will keep the water around the house moist or you need to water the soil frequently enough to keep it from getting too dry so that you can minimize the soil from contracting and expanding.

Plant Trees and Shrubs Away from the House.

Trees and shrubs need moisture in order to thrive. Therefore, their roots will compete heavily with the soil to get moisture, which won’t paint a pretty picture if there isn’t enough moisture in the ground. This can potentially lead to your foundation settling and sinking. If this happens, you may notice cracks in the foundation as well as the drywall, in addition to problems with doors and windows sticking. This can all easily be avoiding by ensuring that shrubs and trees, especially deep-rooted ones, are planted far away from the home.

If you’re concerned about foundation repair issues or you have noticed a crack in your foundation, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The sooner the problems are addressed, the better off your home will be.