Stonework Decking around your Swimming Pool

Stonework Decking around your Swimming Pool

Using Stone for Your Swimming Pool Coping

Stone is becoming a more popular construction material as we speak. Stone is being used by designers and contractors to outline flowerbeds, for the construction of a home, for the driveway and/or sidewalk, create waterfalls or other structures, swimming pool decking and swimming pool coping.

The reason why stone is so popular is because of its wide selection of size, shape and color in addition to its durability and versatility. Stone provides a natural yet elegant look and feel to your yard and swimming pool area, which is something that is even more important to homeowners today than ever before.

When stone is used for anything, it represents a high quality design because of its elegance and uniqueness. Simply put, stone, as a material, is first-rate. This is one of the main reasons why homeowners and designers choose to work with stone.

Swimming pool coping is defined as the material, which is generally stone or concrete, that caps the shell wall of the pool. It goes around the outer edge of the top of the swimming pool for a flawless look. Swimming pool coping can be constructed from tile, precast concrete, poured concrete, natural stone, brick and flagstone pavers – all of which can also be used for a beautiful swimming pool deck. However, if you use pavers, you will need to remember that you need to do an extra step and seal the pavers so that their exquisiteness doesn’t fade in the future.

When it comes to using stone for swimming pool coping, stone can come precast and is comfortably smooth for anyone around the swimming pool especially those enjoying the water. Stone comes in a variety of shapes, styles and colors so no matter what type of look you are trying to achieve in your pool area, you can achieve it will stone coping. Ultimately, you can choose anything from natural fieldstone to  limestone to quarried granite – all of which will provide a  high-end look to you’re the edge of your pool and its surroundings while also being one of the longest lasting, most durable materials for swimming pool coping.

When using stone for your pool’s edge, it is vital that you keep in mind that you maintain consistent thickness of the stone coping around the pool. You don’t want the stone to be offset in any way, as not only will it be incredibly noticeable and take away from the overall magnificent design and appearance, but it could also be potentially dangerous to swimmers.