The Importance of a Solid Foundation

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The Importance of a Solid Foundation

The Importance of a Solid Foundation

Your home can only be as good as the foundation that it sits on. The foundation of your home, or any building for that matter, is by far the highest priority when it comes to your home as if your foundation is not adequately constructed, your home will not be either. Here are a few reasons why it is so important to have such a strong, solid foundation:

  • Protects Your Home as a Whole – A solid foundation will protect your entire home. Homes can vary greatly in size, shape and design, but the need for a solid foundation is the same no matter the type of structure. The foundation is what keeps your home stable so a well-built foundation is imperative to the longevity of your home.
  • Helps to Prevent Shifting and/or Settling – One of the most commons reasons for your home to settle is because of an unstable foundation beneath your home. If the foundation soil was not compacted efficiently then your home could be at risk for serious foundation issues, which could result in the need for foundation repair due to the fact that your foundation could sink or crack.
  • Resist Different Climate Conditions – A strongly built foundation is resistant to any type of soil changes beneath and all around the home. Soil generally changes, or expands, due to weather especially in areas where there is clay soil and where the amount of precipitation is high. The deeper the foundation is in the ground, the better it will hold up to changes in the soil around and beneath the home.
  • Maintain Value of Property – The house market is a mess all on its own and when you consider that your home has a poorly designed foundation, your home is not going to be at the top of the sold list. Potential home buyers are always interested in a home that has a well-built, solid foundation that is going to hold up for the foreseeable future. An individual on the search for a home isn’t going to jump at the chance to get a house that already has issues because this is generally the reason individuals are looking to purchase and move from their current home. The home buyer is going to want to purchase a home that is in good condition with a solid foundation.

If there are any issues with your home’s foundation, it is imperative that you seek the help of a foundation repair company or contractor immediately. The longer you put off the foundation repair, the worse the foundation is going to get. Eventually, a poor foundation can cause some serious damage to your house as a whole not to mention that if you decide to sell your home, you aren’t going to have much luck.


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