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Home Maintenance Masonry


From repairing a chimney or replacing brick on the side of house to laying a brand new brick driveway to tuckpointing, brickwork can be very complex. This is why it is usually recommended to have a professional perform any initial installations as well as repairs that may follow later.

New Brick Installations

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you know the exterior of your property is a very important element of how you are perceived. After all, it is the exterior of your property that provides guests with a good – or bad – first impression. Whether you want to install a brand new walkway out of bricks that leads up to your home or place of business or you prefer to have a patio built in the backyard for entertaining friends and family, we can get it done!

Brick Repair and Replacement

Brick repair or brick replacement is most often required when brick walls begin to age. As the bricks age, the mortar lines begin to deteriorate and weather causes the problem to become that much worse. Luckily, it doesn’t get too cold in most of the states that we service, which helps. However, brickwork should still be maintained every couple of decades for optimal results. Proper maintenance can help avoid most major problems and can extend the life expectancy of your bricks. This is something to keep in mind when you are considering having new brickwork performed at your home.

We’ve Got You Covered When It Comes to Brickwork!

Whether you are looking for a brick porch, brick sidewalk or even a brick mailbox, we have a team of experienced professionals that come out and lay the foundation for new brickwork or can perform minor to major repairs and replacements. We’ll make sure that we meet the deadline and we guarantee only the highest quality of masonry.

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