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Repair on Brick Steps

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It’s Mark Reid with Home Maintenance Masonry. This video shows a homeowner who has a gap underneath her steps – it looks like a gap between the concrete slab and the ground, but it is actually a deterioration of the concrete slab from water puddling in this area. To remedy this, the Home Maintenance Masonry team is going to go in and dig it out and create a new structural support system underneath the steps with bricks and concrete.

At 1:03, you will see that we have started working on repairing these steps. Our team has already dug out the area and started laying the mortar (aka concrete) and brick beneath the existing steps. We are alternating layers of mortar and brick in order to create a stable foundation that can support the steps and to re-create the solid concrete slab that was once there. At about 1:34, you will be able to see where we finished creating the concrete slab and flushed it out.

If you have noticed anything like this occurring at your home with your own steps, it isn’t something that you need to let continue. It can and will worsen over time. Eventually, the steps will fully collapse and may cause damage part of the home in the process. It is better to repair the problem as early as possible to avoid any extensive to the steps as well as to unnecessary parts of the structure. Reach out to us today at Home Maintenance Masonry so that we can schedule a time to come out to your home and perform at an at-home consultation and estimate. 

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