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Stonework Addition

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Home Maintenance Masonry values each and every one of their customers, but the customer in this video took very good care of us and we just want to give her a special shout-out real quick. It was a very big job and she took extra time to make sure that we were taken care of while we did what we do best.

Previously, we took a traditional concrete sideway and turned it into a beautiful stone sidewalk and added a step-up. It goes on around to the back of the house to a gorgeous stone patio. Now, we are going to extend the patio so that it is bigger. To do this, we are going to take out the existing retaining wall and column on the right.

At 3:40, you can see that we have laid the blocks where will be extending the patio to. Then, at about 6:00, you can see where we tied into the existing retaining wall and patio with the new stones. After the mortar dries, we will come back in a couple of days to pressure wash it so that it is clean and smooth.

On this job, the stones are overall brown with some grays mixed into it. If you like the colors of this job, we can do something similar for you at your home. If you prefer a different color even a different style, then we can work that out as well. Give us a call at Home Maintenance Masonry and discuss with us your styles, tastes, dislikes, etc. so that we can get to work on something that will beautify your home and that you can enjoy as much as this homeowner in this video. 

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