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Stonework - Sidewalk and Flower Garden

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Welcome back, everyone! Home Maintenance Masonry is here with yet another one of our projects to show you. In today’s video, we are laying gray stone with a little bit of brown mixed in it. We will be laying a flower bed that goes around the tree and up to the sidewalk. In addition to the flower garden, we plan to cover the sidewalk in stone in order to give it an updated, sophisticated look, which will also eliminate the trip hazards in the existing sidewalk.

At 3:35 of this video, you can see the flower bed that butts up level with the sidewalk. The homeowner plans to come in later and add dirt and flowers that will cover up the unsightly tree roots that she has been unable to do anything with it because the grass won’t grow over them. This is a larger flower bed that we have done – we can do larger than this or smaller, whatever you need. Moving along, you will see the sidewalk that we have finished. The mortar is still wet and we will come back in a couple of days to clean it up so that it looks nice, smooth and polished.

If you like the final look of this job, please give us a call for an estimate. Or feel free to browse our website for other jobs that we have done to see other color variations and other styles of projects to see if something else that we have done in the past better suits your style and taste. We are also more than happy to sit down and discuss what you like so that we can draw up a plan that fits your personality and the architecture of your home. Call us today for more information! 

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