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Aggregate Driveway Crack Repair job 101

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Home Maintenance Masonry is back with another driveway crack repair video. This time, we have an aggregate driveway that we repaired. Your typical concrete driveway and the repairs require a creative approach to match the existing driveway when it is all said and done.

This aggregate driveway had numerous cracks – some smaller and some much more significant. As we do with each one of our driveway crack repair projects, we came in and chiseled out the cracks and then filled them in with a giving material. However, we did something different this time around. We also filled in the cracks with pea gravel, as you can see in the video — this type of driveway. Otherwise, you would have been able to see the repairs in the concrete.

Right now, the repairs are slightly visible, especially up close. However, over time, they’ll become less noticeable as the color wears down and sets in. It is only because the repairs are new, and the existing driveway is much older and has mold and mildew present.

If you have an aggregate driveway that has developed cracks in it over time, Home Maintenance Masonry has the experience and tools necessary to repair them. As you can see in this video, we can get the job done and leave your driveway looking great. Give us a call today for an estimate on repairing your driveway. 800 3019317 thank you 

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