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Hi everyone! Home Maintenance Masonry is back again with a stone stair and sidewalk repair project. What you first see is an almost-final look at the project. We need to do some pressure washing to wash away any debris and excess mortar to get a clean, polished look.

Moving on to the actual grunt work of this project….you will start seeing how we laid the stones at about 1:38 of this video. You will see that we are actually about halfway, maybe three-quarters complete with the sidewalk at this point. The old sideway was just a generic concrete sidewalk, but the homeowner wanted the sidewalk to match the new look of the steps that she was getting.

The reason that the homeowner wanted/needed new front steps was because they were too narrow. She was having trouble walking up and down them. They were originally brick. However, with the stone that we are laying, it will allow for a much wider and taller step, which is also much safer for the homeowner. These new steps now have a 7-inch rise and an 11-inch tread, which creates a perfect step. You can see in the video that the steps are much safer for the homeowner to take. 

Stonework like what is done in this video can really help transform a house, as can be seen here. If you have an outdated sidewalk and steps that you would like renovated, please contact us at Home Maintenance Masonry and allow us to give you an estimate. We would be happy to work on your home and be able to turn it into something that you are happy to call your own. 

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