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Hi guys. This is Steve with Home Maintenance Masonry. Today, we’re performing a resurfacing project on a driveway at a home in Alabama – and it was a pretty bad one with cracks filling the driveway from one side to another. At the start of this video, you can see that we have already gone in and chiseled out all the cracks and holes. Now, we are sweeping them out and flowing them out. Once all the debris has been cleaned out of the holes and cracks, we will go in and fill them in with a crack filler. Once that’s done, we will come in and cover the cracks, as well as the entire driveway, with a resurfacing material. This will make the driveway look like it is brand new.

At about 1:14 of this video, we show you what the driveway looks like after we have pressure washed it and filled the cracks with the crack filler. Then, at about 2:30, we show you another “during” portion of the project. You can see what it looks like as we are spreading the resurfacing material out over the old driveway. The material is simply spread over the old driveway surface so that it looks like you just had new concrete brought it and poured. At 3:28, you can finally see the “finished product,” although it isn’t completely finished since it isn’t 100% dried. It is a little dark right now because it isn’t dry, which is also why you can still see some of the cracks in the driveway. Once the material finishes drying, you won’t be able to see those cracks.

If your old driveway has a million cracks in it or just looks old and ugly, give us a call and let us transform yours into something beautiful like this one. If you don’t like the standard gray color, then that’s okay because we have other colors as well, including brown, black and tan. We can even go outside of the box with decorative elements and two-toned colors. Give us a call at Home Maintenance Masonry with your thoughts.

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