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Hey, it’s Steve again at Home Maintenance Masonry. We’re back with another driveway and sidewalk resurfacing job. We’re going to start by pressure washing the sidewalk and driveway. For this project, we’re going to be filling in quite a few cracks throughout both the driveway and then resurface the entire sidewalk and driveway.

The reason that we’re having to do this is because the cracks weren’t repaired when they were hairline cracks, when they first appeared. So, over time, they continued to get worse and worse. Eventually, there is no other option than to have your driveway completely replaced. Even if you do get the cracks repaired, they look terrible, especially if they’re larger cracks. Luckily, you can have your cake and eat to it by having your cracks repaired and then having the concrete resurfaced. This is what we’re doing here in this video to this sidewalk and driveway. It fixes the problem and ensures that it looks good at the same time. What you get is a repair that looks brand new.

At 2:38, you can see what this project looks when it is complete. Some of it is still drying, but you can get an idea of what a resurfaced sidewalk and driveway looks like when it has been repaired and resurfaced. This sidewalk and driveway looks as if it has just been freshly poured from a concrete truck rather than simply being a resurfacing material smoothed out on top of an already existing concrete surface.

If your driveway has suffered some deterioration over the years and has numerous cracks, chips and other unsightly damage, give us a call. We would be more than happy to come out and provide an estimate to repair and resurface your driveway and sidewalk. 

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