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Driveway Resurfacing Job

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It’s Steve from Home Maintenance Masonry and Repairsforyourhome.com. We’re back with another video that shows a driveway resurfacing job. At the beginning of this video you can see Scott spreading the resurfacing material over the old driveway. This material is being spread over cracks that have already been chiseled out and repaired with a crack filling material.

Moving up the driveway, you can see all the cracks that this homeowner had in her old driveway. The material using to fill in the cracks is actually the same material used to resurface the entire driveway. This helps to ensure that the driveway dries the same color and looks smooth and uniform in the end.

At about 1:47 in this video, you will be able to see how the driveway looks after the resurfacing material has been completely smoothed out over the old driveway. It has not been completely dried or cured. Therefore, the concrete is a little dark and you can slightly see the cracks we had just filled before applying the resurfacing material over the top. Now, after it all dries and cures 100 percent over the next several days to a week, it will lighten in color, harden and the cracks will no longer be visible to the eye.

If you have any cracks – large or small – in your driveway that you would like to have covered up or any other types of issues with your concrete driveway, give us a call at Home Maintenance Masonry. We can come out and give your driveway a look. Driveway resurfacing is an excellent option when you can’t afford to have your driveway completely tore up and re-poured. 

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