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Driveway Concrete Repair Work

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At this beautiful million-dollar home, there were some obvious problems in the way that the original contractor laid the stone on the sidewalk leading up to the home. Because of this, it has deteriorated over time, requiring the need for repair. There are numerous holes throughout the concrete and stonework as well as at least one significant crack along the curb. These will all be chiseled out and filled in. There are also some stones that have become loose over the years that will need to be laid back with sand and mortar. In addition, there are some holes in the brick steps at the front of the house that need to be repaired by chiseling them out and filling them in with a mortar that is similar in color.

All cracks in the driveway along the right side of the house will be chiseled out and filled back in. On the back sidewalk, deterioration has caused numerous holes, loose stones and cracks – all of which will need to be dealt with in the same manner as the rest (the standing water is an issue that needs to be dealt with as well, but the homeowner would like to hold off on that at this time). There are some pieces that need to be re-laid along the back sidewalk as well. On the back driveway, there are several cracks that need to be repaired as well. Now, there are some issues with the brick pavers as well, but those are going to be dealt with at a later time. We are just dealing with concrete repairs right now.

Starting at about 2:50, you can see our handiwork on this job. We used red-colored mortar on the brick steps to make sure that it blended it nicely. You can then see where we began filling in cracks and relaying the stones on the front sidewalk, then on to the side driveway where we filled in cracks there. We will then take you to the back sidewalk and patio (good thing we did, too, since we needed to peel the tape off!). 

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